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Welcome to Fuel From h2o
Water converting to HHO WATER The most abundant resource on our planet and you can use it as a fuel!!! That's Right, a supplementary Fuel!!!

FuelFromH2o® Hydrogen Generators [Est.2004] have become an essential supplementary fuel additive for internal combustion engine applications [ISO-9001:2008 Compliant]. By converting the compound water into its primary elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO) and introducing the hydrogen/oxygen gas in conjunction with your regular fuel, our Hydrogen Generators can improve the fuel economy of your engine from 15 - 45%+ as well as drastically reduce emissions to exceptionally clean standards . They can be used in any type of vehicle, car, truck, diesel truck, boat or stationary engine such as power generators and irrigation pumps.
FuelfromH2o® systems work with any type of fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil, Ethanol, E85, E10, CNG & LPG. By converting your vehicle in to a Hydrogen Hybrid, this alternative renewable energy will not only improve fuel economy but it will also drastically reduce emission exhaust levels. FuelFromH2o® Hydrogen Generators are an on demand supplemental fuel system.

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Safety of Hydrogen GeneratorsSafety of HHO Generators
Hydrogen is extremely volatile and flammable, it is three times more potent than unleaded gasoline. There are many companies selling HHO Hydrogen Generators throughout the internet, if you observe their products in depth you'll notice they're all using components... Read More
We Guarantee our Hydrogen GeneratorsWe Guarantee our Products
100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee when installed by a FuelfromH2o Certified technician: All of our HHO Hydrogen Generators are covered by our 100% 1 year product warrantee
Satisfaction Guarantee... Read our Terms
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                                                            FuelfromH2o Builds the 23a Modified Super Magnum for the hardrock mining industry.