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Recently, we tested our MagDrive HHO Generator on our Vice President's truck.(
Diesel Truck with Hydrogen Generator
Year: 2002
Make: Chevy
Model: Silverado 2500HD
Engine: 6.6 liter V8 Duramax
Fuel: Diesel
Mods: Straight Pipe - Dual Stacks

While in Las Vegas, we took it to David Mashour, owner and operator of Express Smog, We wanted to see what kind of reduction in PM we could achieve.
The test was conducted using a WAGER Digital Smoke Meter, Model 6500 and the results are as followed:

Test one: (with HHO Generator not in use) 3.5ppm

Test two: (with HHO Generator in use) 0.8ppm

*** 77.1% reduction in PM ***

These tests were completed within a span of 5 minutes of each other.
I wrote David an email asking if the numbers were right and the decimal point was in the right place, and here is what he had to say in his emailed response.


Thank you for bringing the 2002 Chevy Duramax through our shop the other day.

The Wager smoke meter doesn't read particulate matter to the 1/100th. The meter only reads to 1/10th. Average results for 99% of diesel vehicles are in the area of 2.8ppm-5.0ppm in testing. These readings are for vehicles that aren't modified with programmers and removal of a catalyst and so forth. So a reading of 0.8 is extremely clean by EPA standards set forth for Nevada. It's almost unheard of to have something that clean, be it Diesel or Gas.

take care,

David K. Mashour
Express Smog Inc.
702.477.7664 ph
NV State License: E0046138
Certified by the State of Nevada for Diesel and Gas Emission Testing

This message is by way of a testimonial. I purchased a MagDrive System and installed it in my 1992 Saab. I want to report that after a break-in period of about a half of a tank of fuel, I was getting a 38.56% improvement in mileage. I was frankly sceptical of the claims made for the H-H-O generator. However; the 100% money back guarantee made my decision to try the unit a no-brainer. After installation and adhering exactly to the instructions supplied my vehicle went from getting 300 miles for 14 gallons of gasoline to getting 415.7 miles for 14 gallons of gas.I told everyone I work with about the results and was roundly disbelieved until I showed the receipts for the fuel I used on a trip. BRAVO! A product that really does what is claimed for it! The United Arab Emirates had better diversify!
Goddard Space Flight Center

After traveling 5435 miles on my recent trip to Arizona [March 2009] pulling a 10,000 lb. trailer to Arizona and a 13,000 lb. load on my return,I tallied up my gasoline purchases. I used 560 gallons of fuel resulting in right at 10 mpg , a significant improvement over the performance of the older hydrogen generator installed prior to this trip in Febuary.I feel I would easily have spent twice the money spent on fuel without the current hydrogen generator installed. Performance ,pulling a 10,000 lb. trailer with over 3,000 lbs. of cargo, was excellent.Last year on this same trip ,using the previous model, my results were 7.1 mpg. This compares to mileage without a generator of 5 mpg on this same trip with the same exact equipment. However, these reported results are slightly misleading, as I brought back more semi-precious gemstone rock this year than any year before(over 3,000 lb.). Thus, my results would have been even better,if my load had been identical!Keep up the great work improving your units. When I think you've "hit the wall" on increasing output, you manage to somehow pull out a significant increase in the units output with the resulting decrease in monies spent. I am now recommending to those who have been "fencesitters" to get off their buttocks and get a unit on their vehicles. Why, anyone would continue to unneccessarily give away money they don't have to, is frankly beyond my comprehension!Combining the fuel savings with the fact that I'm driving an "ultra low emissions vehicle" which is now 8 years old and was converted to this status for only around a $1,000 is incredible.We can only hope that many more people will put their money where their mouth is with regard to the green issue. Here it is people! Near zero emissions- without a crazy cost to get there.
Jerry Sluder- FF/Emt

I want to thank you for a great product that appears to be well engineered and constructed and also does what it is supposed to do. I installed my series 12a double brick unit last week on my 2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser. This vehicle weighs 4500 pounds and is as aerodynamic as a cardboard box. I drive approximately 34 miles to work every day, mostly on Interstate highways. In the past the best mileage I could get was 21.5 mpg by driving like an old lady. This week I have seen my on-highway mileage increase to 28.2 yesterday and 29.9 today. This was driving at a steady 60 mph with no headwind. I use a Scan-gage to compute my mpg. It has been calibrated for speedo error using a good gps so the figures are pretty accurate. These mileage figures were attained under excellent driving conditions with the a/c off but I feel my overall mileage per tank of gasoline will most likely be better than 25 mpg & will certainly be a lot better than what I used to get.
Jim L.

I just installed the 11a kit into my toyota landcruiser and am already seeing a 30% mpg improvement, more power,quieter engine, and no more gas smell from my tailpipe. I'm sold on the product and am inquiring about how to become a distributor in my area of Colorado(North Central Mountains). I am located in Edwards, CO which is near most of the ski resort areas. I have over 15 years in the ski retail industry and am very customer service oriented. I believe this area to have great sales potential for the magdrive units and would like to be a distributor of the systems in my area.
Thank you,
Jason Hancock
Edwards, CO

Thank for the friendly service. I just got off the phone with a very helpful and friendly person who answered all my questions. I purchased the MagDrive about 7 months ago, and my mileage has gone from 35 mpg to about 45 - 50 mpg. I drive a late '87 Honda Civic, and recently drove from West Palm Beach, Florida to Burlington, Vermont. Although the muffler fell off in Stuart, Florida (I used a coat hanger to suspend it back into place - ha ha ha), my car is getting great mileage. Quit thinking about this and take action. Buy the MagDrive. It works. You can put my e-mail here ( so people can verify this.
Thanks & God Bless You!
Kris Kemp

The largest difference aside from the smoother idle and decrease in gasoline used to run my vehicle is the smell. Before installing my MagDrive, my car (inside and out) smelled heavily of half-burned fuel, and I assumed it was something that had gotten into the seats.
After installing my unit, the smell is gone, it drives much more quietly, and I've noticed a huge savings at the pump (less gas used, as well as only needing to put Mid grade fuel in an engine that normally has issues with anything less than Premium fuel).