Buy Back Program

Do you have am old tired HHO cell, or bought one that never even worked for you from some here today gone tomorrow hho builder. With fuel prices on the rise maybe you ought to be thinking about getting green on your emissions and pickup some increased fuel mileage. Well just maybe we can help you out if you're at all interested.
We will credit you a 35% discount on any brand new model Series21a Fuelfromh2o cells. All you have to do is ship us your old HHO cell regardless of manufacturer, and we will send you new Fuelfromh2o cells ready to install for 35% off the listed MSRP [Retail] price.

If you need to have it [our cells] installed we have distributors/installers in many locations around the USA and in several international countries. If you are a hands on type of person who wishes to do the installation yourself, thats okay too !!! Just go to our support page and watch the installation video and take a look at the written directions in PDF format. If you get stuck and have a question, call us toll free at 866-488-0938, our technical support is available from 9am - 3am daily Eastern USA Time.

So here is how you do it, Call us first and provide us with your info ie: name, address, city, state, zip & phone. Then send us your old HHO cell, once we receive it we will call you. At that time we will issue you a promo code that will automatically deduct 35% off of the cells only costs on our online store if you decide to order using your credit card. You can of course just send a check along with your old HHO cell, "Remember" to include your return address for shipping. We will dispose of your old HHO cell and ship out a brand new Fuelfromh2o cells to you.

Its that easy and very simple to do !!!

So if you are looking to get rid of the glass jelly jars and Pvc pipes as well as the water filter cartridges which were never designed for safe HHO production now is your opportunity to get it right with a company that has been doing this since 2002 and introduced it's product line in 2004. Keep in mind, we do not use any toxic materials in our systems such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide [LYE], our ECOLYTE solution is made of ALL food grade materials.Just go to our Online Store or just give us a call [866-488-0938], the choice is yours to make!!!