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Installation Manual
Series 11a thru 21a FuelfromH2o instructions 1/1/2012
Cold Weather Protection & Freezing Prevention
Optional Cold Weather Heater Installation
1 Volt O2 EFIE Install
Important Facts...
All MagDrive units produced after Oct 1,2007 are the Series 11a[modified] & 12a[modified] 14a, 15a, 16a, 18a, 19a, 21a & 22a model units. These units use ECOLYTE for the electrolyte solution. ECOLYTE solution is a non toxic food grade compound and can be ordered on our online store.


Why we don't use Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide as an electrolyte catalyst:
Both are highly toxic to start with and they both produce a very toxic electrolyte solution that is very hazardous. As a matter of fact that type of electrolyte solution requires an EPA permit for disposal purposes, "its that toxic". Also, just to test sodium hydroxide and what it can do to your engines internal parts that are made of aluminum. Put a couple of tablespoons of sodium hydroxide caustic soda [lye] into a small container and add water. Now drop in an aluminum soda can and see what happens. Thats what happens to your aluminum pistons and heads of your engine over time using caustic soda [lye].
That is why we use our Eco-lyte ©, although a little less efficient, it "IS NOT" toxic and the electrolyte solution is harmless at clean out disposal time. It helps if you read our how to instructions on our support page. Everything we use is of FOOD GRADE QUALITY. You actually can consume our electrolyte solution [not reccommended "tastes really bad"]. That is how ecologically safe and friendly our systems are designed.