New HHO Generator Series 18A released

On April 2nd, Fuelfromh2o,LLC released the new Series18a hydrogen fuel supplementation systems, a complete redesign of the earlier model 16a units. Now the entire cell unit is encased and no longer uses the bolt & gasket system of assembly. Several prototype 18a units were manufactured and placed into the field for testing prior to the release of the Series18a systems for public usage. Production of HHO due to the new pass through design has increased on average by 15% on all models at the same voltage/amperage rates used on the prior 16a models. The Series18a systems will have a complete model line identical to the 16a model line up for vehicles with engine displacements and special application engines from 50cc up to 60 liters in size. basic information can be located on our products page with photos.


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