FuelfromH2o, LLC USA develops a new software controlled Micro-processor EFIE unit

Having been in R&D for over a year, FuelfromH2o has released its programmed micro-processor software controlled EFIE unit for 1 volt or commonly known as T-1 o2 sensors. Having completed vehicle testing for several month on several vehicle models [Silverado, Cadillac, Ram 1500] the final results were quite positive As opposed to the many 1 volt o2 efie units that are available on the market, which most do not function at all correctly due to their design application. Fuel mileage gains with the Micro-processor EFIEs were on average 6-11mpg more than without any efie installed. These units were designed specifically for Fuelfromh2o HHO systems and are only available to current and new FuelfromH2o customers. Each primary o2 sensor requires 1 micro-processor efie unit, the retail price per unit is $69.95. As with all Fuelfromh2o products, the micro-processor EFIE comes with a one year manufacturers replacement warrantee. The Micro-processor EFIE is only available by telephone order only thru our FuelfromH2o distributors network.


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