MagDrive Colombia, South America. negotiates several major corporate accounts

MagDrive Colombia completed recent negotiations, including initial Hydrogen cell installations with Coca-Cola Distribution in Bogota, Colombia. South America for their fleet transportation applications. MagDrive Colombia just recently participated in the Alternative Energy Exposition in Colombia, South America. The Exposition was a successful and rewarding event for MagDrive Colombia as a subsidiary of MagDrive FuelfromH2o,LLC –USA during the multi day event. Several large transportation corporations expressed interest and requested a follow up meeting with MagDrive Colombia concerning the technology and the necessary requirements for Hydrogen Fuel cell technology applications for their transportation fleets. MagDrive Colombia is currently working with a few public transportation bus companies in Bogota, with installed FuelfromH2o Hydrogen cell systems now in application. Initial emission results were found to be more than exceptional concerning pollution clean-up and fuel consumption tests are being currently conducted.


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