MagDrive Series 11A & 12A "The Brick" Released

MagDrive Series 11a & 12a "The Brick" released Nov 1,2007. Introducing the New Series 11a MagDrive Brick on Nov 1,2007. Measuring a small and compact 5.625"x5.625"x2.0" cell size over all. The Series 11a can produce cold at 45*F startup an astonishing 3-4 Liters of flow rate per minute. Not at all unlike the Series 12a Brick in design and size, but the 12a has a Micro-processor control versus the 11a electro-mechanical controls. The Series 12a being released Nov 15th,2007 has the abilty of adding on up to a grand total of 4 Brick cells, each with a 3-4 liter per minute flow rate capability. The multiple cell configuration can handle an engine up to 13 - 15 liters in size. The electrolyte solution used in the Series 11a & 12a MagDrive HHO generators is Distilled White vinegar.


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