Safety of Hydrogen Generators


Glass Water4Gas HHO cell EXPLOSION
Put this into a Water4Gas GLASS JAR electrolizer
Water4Gas GLASS JAR Explosion
Look at what Koh or NaOh can do to you [Caustic Lye]
Word of advice, check for contact info, phone numbers and direct email as well as physical address on their website, if not on the website don't buy their products. Talk to the company first before you order. Check them for time in business, domain and longevity at HHO builders don't have working phone numbers or address for contact, some even use a fake address and a wrong or non-listed phone number. Many supposed HHO builders are johnny come lately types. They jumped on to the bandwagon to make a fast buck and then they're gone with a new name and website for the next round of unsuspecting buyers. You're only looking to get ripped off if you are not an educated shopper.

Hydrogen is extremely volatile and flammable, it is three times more potent than gasoline.
There are many companies selling Hydrogen Generators all over the internet, if you observe their products in depth you'll notice they're all using components that you'll find at the corner hardware store. For example, PVC Sewer Pipe, Vinyl water bags and the like, these products were never design to withstand the conditions of electro-chemical reactions of hydrogen/oxygen production. Some of them even use glass mason jars, and water filters, which are even worse. In a situation of a misfire from the engine, these cells could explode and shatter as demonstrated in the above videos, endangering the operator of the system.

Unsafe HHO Generators

FuelfromH2o Hydrogen Generators are precisely engineered and designed to avoid those conditions. Every single component of our system is made from materials that are of high quality, density and tolerance to both high & low operating temperatures. Every single production material we use is ISO Certified.
FuelFromH2o is a world leader in HHO Generators [Est 2004] for all types of vehicles. Beware of the many copy-cats out there who sell systems very similar to ours, they look almost like a MagDrive Fuelfromh2o system, but are not a Fuelfromh2o product. Be aware of marketing hocus pocus with sayings like Dry Cell or titanium plates. Dry cells are not dry, Titanium creates titanium oxide in an electrolysis environment which coats the interior surfaces of the cell making it inoperable.
Make sure when purchasing a Fuelfromh2o system,contact the factory direct using our contact us link or call us directly toll free at 770-783-1678 from 9am - 3am Mon - Fri Eastern Time.