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All MagDrive FuelfromH2o HHO Hydrogen Generators are 100% Guaranteed, Our system cases are constructed of Stainless tig welded steel, with 14G Stainless Steel isolated internal cores with pass through flow design. We "DO NOT" build glass jelly jar or Pvc pipe hho generators, they are unreliable and completely substandard for HHO production.All Fuelfromh2o sub-assemblies and and systems are constructed with the appropriate ISO certified parts made specifically for the application in which they are applied.Click here to view our Guarantee and Return Policy
We do offer 24v versions of our Hydrogen Generators, you must contact your local distributor and specify before ordering.
We also offer custom build Hydrogen Generator units for extremely large engines such as Electric Power Generator producing over 1 Megawatt, exceeding 27Liter engine displacement,
We use all non-toxic food grade catalysts in our Ecolyte solution. No sodium or potassium hydroxide [Lye] which is caustic and poisonous. If you want to advertise being green, then be absolutely green, use non-toxic bio-degradeable products.Doesn't make much sense claiming fuel economy and clean emissions when you use toxic chemicals. contact us for details.

Being an on demand system, there is no hydrogen stored in the vehicles system at all. This fact, along with other stringent requirements, allowed us to successfully complete the California C.A.R.B. Certification.

Patent Pending USPTO Checkout the Online Store.

Module: CCPWM Constant Current PWM
Application: All Vehicles
Controller: Electronic Cell Controller
Application: ESSENTIAL/Optional Add-on
Dimension: 3.0" x 3.5" x6.0"
Engines: All gas/diesel/fossil fuel engines using Hydrogen.

Price: $94.99

Additional Info:
This CCPWM is made for both domestic and foreign vehicles that utilize any Hydrogen cell. It is used primarily to control the cells amperage at a consistent value while keeping the voltage constant, regardless of cell temperature. Whether at 50*F or 125*F the amperage will stay the same and the usual problem from heat build up will be controlled by not letting the cell run away temperature wise increasing the amperage. This CCPWM is rated at a 50amp maximum operating value. We strongly suggest not pegging the 50amp value, operate the CCPWM at no more then 40amps. .

HHO Hydrogen Generator Series 30A FuelSaver

Model: Series 30a FuelSaver Systems
Application: Motor Cycles, Sub-Compacts 1.2 - 3.6L Engines
Controller: Single Relay Controller
HHO Flow Pump: NOT ESSENTIAL/Optional Add-on
Water Tank Size: 1/2 Gallon
Cell Dimension: 12.0"H x 2.0"Dia
Engines: 1.2 - 3.6 Liters

Average Fuel Savings: 15 - 35%+

Emissions Reduction up to 85%

Price: $199.95 - $1495.95 from the Single Cell to the Dual Cell and ultimately the Quad Cell System that will work on up to 16 Liter Diesel Engines.

Additional Info:
The HHO Hydrogen Generator Series30A is a plug & play minimal maintenance free system is recommended to be installed on sub compact vehicles, motor cycles, small engine applications. If your vehicles engine is larger then 3.6 liters, we recommend the next size up, the 30a Dual cell Hydrogen kit, the extra cell size will compensate the for extra weight & engine size giving you more fuel efficiency and power up to a 6.0Liter engine. Both the single and dual cell systems can be installed both vertically and horizontially depending on available engine compartment installation space. Read more about the FuelSaver at Our FuelSaver Website

HHO Hydrogen Generator Series 26a Super-Gen System

Model: Series 26A Super-Gen System
Application: Full size autos & Pickup Trucks & Vans
Controller: Dual Relay
HHO Flow Pump: NOT ESSENTIAL (Optional)
Water Tank Size: 1/2 Gal
Cell Dimension: 7.0"H x 4.0"W x 8.0"L
Engines: 4.7 - 7.3 Liters

Average Fuel Savings: 15 - 35%+

Emissions Reduction up to 70%

Price: $849.95

Additional Info:
We call it the Series26A-b Super-Gen system is literally a plug & play minimal to maintenance free system, this HHO Hydrogen Generator unit is a small delivery trucker's life saver & well used in the sports/high performance car enthusiasts market. By using this Hydrogen Generator our customers were able to save literally hundreds of dollars in fuel costs yearly. Made from all stainless steel tig welded components.

Great fuel economy!
This unit is for 12V systems, we also offer a 24v version of the Series26a Super-Gen system, contact a distributor for details or visit our Online Store to order yours.
Complete system with instructions included.

HHO Hydrogen Generator Series 26A Dual Cell

Model: Series 26A-b Magnum Dual cell system
Application: Class A Motor Coaches, 22'-26' Striaght Trucks
Controller: Dual Relay

Water Tank Size: 1.5 Gal
Dimension: (2) 8"W x 4"D x 7"H
Engines: 7.3 - 11.0 Liters

Average Fuel Savings: 18 - 22%+

Emissions Reduction up to 70%


Additional Info:
We call it the Series26A Magnum Dual cell System,literally a plug & play minimal maintenance free system. This HHO Hydrogen Generator unit is ideal for class A Motor Coaches, also large diesel straight trucks an delivery trucker's life saver, with this Hydrogen Generator our customers were able to save literally hundreds of dollars in fuel costs yearly.

Great fuel economy!
This unit is for 12V systems, we also offer a 24v version of the Series26a Magnum Dual Cell, contact a distributor for details.
Allow 10 days for delivery from order date.

HHO Hydrogen Generator Series 26A Super Magnum

Model: Series 26a-37 Super Magnum
Application: Straight Trucks, Semi Trucks, Class A Motor Coaches
Gen Sets, Irrigation pumps.
Controller: Dual-Relay Controller
Cold weather Heater package, Cooling package, Low water warning, Dual power switches, Built in Ammeter, External connections power/control ALL INCLUDED
Water Tank Size: 1.5 Gal
Cell Dimension: 13.0"W x 12.0"D x 30"H
Engines: 11 - 16.0 Liters

Average Fuel Savings: 15 - 22%+

Emissions Reduction up to 72%

Price $2995.00

Additional Info:
The name tells it all, Super Magnum. This Hydrogen Generator is an self contained unit and it was designed for large semi truck diesel engines, Motor Coaches, Gensets and applications with heavy loads.
It will also work on Electric Power Generators up to 10kw. Your equipment will run smoother, cleaner and with additional power. The Series26A-Super Magnum is available in 12v or 24v versions. The 26a-37 Super Magnum is designed for minimal maintenance. Has security seals applied to avoid tampering, if broken all specified warranty/guarantees are void. Contact a distributor for details or order yours from our Online Store.
Delivery 10 days from Order Date.

Model: Mega-2 System
Weight: 300 pounds
Dimensions: 48L”x36W”x36H”
Voltage: 100 vlt DC.
Amperage: 50 amps AC
Reserve Tank: 20 Gallons
Production: 40-100 LPM Flow Rate
Circuit protection: 50 amps per 12 cell unit cluster [up to 16 cells total]
Unit Protection: 100 amp circuit breakers

Warranty: 1 year @ 100%
Cost: $8000 - $12,000 - $16,000

Additional Info:
Large Diesel/LPG/CNG Applications: 6 – 60 liter engines
Gen Sets, Irrigation Systems, Sterling Engines, Welding/Cutting
Stationary/Portable Capability [4 caster dolly]
We produce the Mega -1 /Mega -2/Mega -3 systems for genset application from 7kw up to 500 kw capabilities. The Mega Systems require minimal [PM] maintenance on a 24/7/30 day operating cycle. Just plug it into your AC power supply, connect the Hydrogen Venturi assembly.Fill the reserve tank and you're ready.
Series26a Mega-2 Demo Video  

Delivery: 2-4 weeks from order date
Shipping: UPS / Common Carrier