American FlagMagdrive History

MagDrive FuelfromH2o was founded January of 2004 by CEO/Engineer Jim Cornell with the introduction of the first MagDrive Hydrogen Generator Series 8. Jim started his work in developing and perfecting the hydrogen generator as early as 2002 with the Series 1 model, but he went public after the Series 8 when it was proven safe enough to be used by the general public.
Jim's Military background of inertial guidance systems, nuke arming chains, missile peripherals and making things glow in the daylight or night made it a lot easier to accomplish the quality product we have today , Jim also held several patents of inventions used in the past,such as Solar heating panels and others
During July of 2008 MagDrive celebrated its 8,000th unit being shipped, agreat accomplishment that summed up over 130 Million pounds of emission reduction of CO2 gases and over 100,000 barrels of oil that America did not have to import from unfriendly foreign nations.

Message from the CEO

Yes, I am an American and proud of it. I like apple pie and ice cream. I stand up for our National Anthem, even sing it although "maybe not in exact key". I believe in the principles that founded this Great Nation, God, Country and Honor. I believe if attacked, then tear'em a new one and hand it back 10 fold. Do what you say and say what you do, no wishy-washy, spit it out and to hell with this political correctness crap. All that is, "is saving a person from embarrassment when they act like an ass and think like one" so you won't hurt their feelings.
I believe that if you work, you get paid a fair wage and you get to eat and have shelter. If you don't work or make the effort to take care of yourself, then to bad for you but I do have a compassionate side, if you can't work and are disabled, you deserve all of the help that I can afford to give you.
Don't burn my flag or attack my neighbors, I will reek havoc on you in retaliation like you have never seen or even dreamt of! I will respect your rights as deemed in our Constitution and I expect you in return to do the same. Deny me my rights and we got serious problems. If I go to church that is my choice just as it is yours concerning your religious beliefs. I will respect your faith as I would expect you to respect mine. Even if you do not have a declared faith, I will respect that too! "BUT" don't force your beliefs on me,  that just won't fly! I believe that if you stay on the porch and don't get involved, then you haven't any say so on the issues. Now if you step off that cozy porch and run with the big dogs, then you have a right to be heard and to speak your piece whether I agree with it or not... I will not accept narrow  minded skeptic peoples opinions. Especially those who claim that they are experts, yet have never done anything to prove their validity through research or credentials. Any idiot can be a skeptic due to the lack of understanding and most likely that is the reason for their skepticism, a lack of understanding and more than likely a basic education.
Yes, Iam an American and I will treat you fairly, I will help you if asked, I will respect you and your beliefs, I will not take anything that is yours, I will loan you anything that is mine if you need it.
But if you lie, cheat, steal, disrespect me or mine its time for a serious butt kickin and I really don't care how big you are. Because when its all said and done, you will know that I've been there win, lose or draw!!!
But now onto other matters. You will hear and more than likely see various posts on the internet by people who undoubtedly have negative remarks and have a nay sayer attitude about either this company, me personally or HHO generation in general as a supplemental fuel assisting technology. The old saying "ya just can't keep everybody happy all of the time" is very true !!! Keep in mind there are know it alls and those who believe they know it all. But when questioned where are your studies, credentials or your HHO system, you receive no response, especially when they are asked did you read our website or research the technology, we become the villians and the gossip begins. So take it for whats its worth and you decide for yourself.

May God Continue to Bless this GREAT NATION