Emission Test Tesults

Hydrogen Generator Benefits

By converting your vehicle to a hydrogen hybrid you're not only saving money by extending your fuel mileage, but you're also making a huge contribution for cleaner air. Because hydrogen is a fast burning element it permits your fuel to burn much more efficiently, drastically reducing the emissions of unburned fuel and toxic gases. It can help reduce emission by up to 98%, your exhaust will be pretty much odorless.

Green Car Some Benefits..
- Uses Water as source of supplemental alternative fuel.

- Reduces emissions up to 98%.

- Extends your fuel mileage from 15% - 40%.

- Reduction of carbon build up in cylinders, and spark plugs.

- Increase catalytic converter life.

- Increase spark plug life.

- Increase oil lifetime

- Restore new car performance

There are no short or long term adverse affects caused from the use of a MagDrive FuelfromH2o Hydrogen Generator. Our systems will not harm or rust your engine or any other component of your vehicle.
Using a MagDrive FuelfromH2o System is a win win solution, you save money, burn less fuel and help keep the air clean.